Seventeenth century soldiers to take over The Bishop’s Palace for new Civil War Weekend

The Bishop’s Palace in Wells is preparing to be taken over by seventeenth century soldiers and their entourage on 27th and 28th May 2023.

The Wardour Garrison, a group of re-enactors who enjoy re-creating life as it might have been in England during the seventeenth century, will be setting up their encampment at the Palace for the weekend.

Visitors will be given a flavour of both domestic and military life, through sight, touch, sound and smell as the Garrison engage in the crafts and skills of the period.

The activities of daily life within the camp will also be on show including what the cooks are cooking, what games the soldiers are playing alongside many other crafts which will be taking place around the encampment.

There will also be a series of lively demonstrations and skirmishes throughout the day!

The event is included with any standard admission ticket to the Palace.

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