Swan News

The Palace’s resident swans have built their nest! We check the nest on a daily basis and will let you know of any developments via this page.

13 April - Despite the sad news, we’re pleased to say that Wynn has 6 eggs.

12 April - Extremely sad news today as we are devastated to announce that veteran swan Bryn passed away overnight.

Bryn, who was thought to have reached the age of 10, had been losing weight recently and began to seem subdued on Wednesday morning.  Moira , our administrator at the Palace who has been caring for the swans for the past 7 years, took Bryn to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre in Highbridge, where unfortunately he died overnight. It is thought that the cause was simply old age; mute swans in the wild generally live to around 10-12 years.

Palace staff will be keeping a close eye on his life partner Wynn over the next few weeks as she sits on her nest, and ensuring that she has a ready supply of food nearby.

02 April - This morning’s egg count is definitely 5 eggs, but there may be one more that is covered over - it’s hard to see.

01 April - Three eggs at the last count but we’ve not been able to get close enough to check over the last day or so.  We don’t want to disturb them at this time so only check when we are able to. 

27 March - Wynn and Brynn have been tiding their nest and one egg has been spotted so far.