Safety and Facilities on Site


Below is an image that is entirely representative of the current situation globally, and at the Palace! 

To see a summary of our Covid-19 risk assessment, click HERE.

As mentioned above, staff at the Palace spent a few weeks preparing the site for a possible re-opening, before we received confirmation from the government that we were permitted to do so. A new one-way system, starting at the Drawbridge and continuing around the entire site, has been put in place to enable social distancing throughout the Palace, Chapel, Gardens and upon entry.

Visitors are asked to follow the white markings on the floor and to read the signs as they make their way around the site.

We’ve even added a mirror at the door through to the outer gardens, so you can check to see if anyone is coming before heading through:

Visitors are able to purchase tickets or memberships from the Shop, where staff are behind a screen, and contactless payments can be made through the screen. Tickets can also be bought online.

Each visitor is being clicked in and clicked out at the gate, so that at any one time, Palace Staff will know exactly how many people are in the Gardens. If this number gets too high, we will begin to implement restrictions.

Palace Staff will be actively enforcing the social distancing measures throughout the site and visitors will be politely reminded to comply at all times.

All toilets are available for visitor use in the Stable Yard. They are cleaned regularly.

To see a summary of our Covid-19 risk assessment, click HERE.