22nd July - 6th October 10:00am - 6:00pm

This summer, experience something completely different at The Bishop’s Palace, as a brand-new collaboration between Heritage Courtyard Gallery and Studios and The Bishop’s Palace opens to the public.

Curated by Wells-based Co-Directors of Heritage Courtyard, Heather Wallace and Rebecca Barnard, the exhibition is called RE-FORMATION and showcases an incredible wealth of talent, drawn from artists of all ages from across Somerset and beyond.

RE-FORMATION is a ‘whole site’ exhibition, with artworks in the Gardens, along the Ramparts, in the Great Hall, Long Gallery, Panelled Room and Exhibition Room.

The media used include almost all possible forms of art, such as Video Art, Performance Art, Ceramics, Painting, Sculpture and Drawing.  Freddie Langdon-Daly, Public Event Co-ordinator at The Bishop’s Palace says “For me, the most exciting aspect of Re-Formation is the way in which artists have found such unexpected ways of engaging with the nature and history of the site. Many of the artists have homed in and introduced work to overlooked, or even ignored, areas of the Palace - and I’m certain that every visitor, in much the same way, will come away with something different from this experience.”

The exhibition includes artists at the peak of their profession, alongside ‘New Older Artists’ who are returning to, or beginning a career in the Arts later in life. Rebecca Barnard said “Older artists can bring life experience, expertise and confidence gained in other fields to their work. They also want to be successful and valued within the artistic discourse of our time”.

During the course of the exhibition, there will be a range of events including debates, talks and performances. Further details of these will be listed in due course. People who are interested in joining the debate on ‘New Older Artists’ are invited to be part of a discussion at the Palace on Saturday 31st August 2019.

We are honoured to have many renowned, national and international artists taking part in Re-Formation, including well known cinematographer Terry Flaxton. We will be showcasing his moving and thought provoking piece Intersection of Dreams, alongside widely recognised international fine artists Anthony Frost, Jason Wason, David Kemp, Carole Waller and Rod Walker, to name but a few.

Included in standard admission.