Philip Tonkyn: Ancient Landscapes

7th July - 23rd September 10:00am - 6:00pm

A new exhibition of works by artist and photographer Philip Tonkyn.

Entitled “Ancient Landscapes”, the exhibition will feature stunning images of famous landscapes and landmarks from around the Glastonbury and Wells area.

Tonkyn’s long-held interest in visionary art now underlies his photography. He captures tangible images of sacred landscape by merging up to forty-nine photographs into detailed and luminous panoramas. These often cover a greater than a 270 degree angle of view, far wider than that which may be seen in a single glance. Their intensity of detail, extreme wide angle of view and liminal locations creates the dreamlike sensation of moving through landscapes which are both close to and distant from one’s viewpoint.

Philip Tonkyn is a life-long practising artist, illustrator, photographer and art teacher. His work has been widely published and exhibited, including works hung at the Royal West Academy Open Exhibitions 156, 158 and 165 and the Open Photography 2 Exhibition. He was Director of Art at the Portsmouth Grammar School from 1988 to 2003. He has an MA in Art and Design and is a Member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

Brought up in Glastonbury, Philip Tonkyn attended Wells Cathedral Junior School and Crewkerne Grammar School. Although he initially studied sculpture at Somerset College of Art, he later became well known as an air-brush artist and illustrator. Among his clients were the space rock band Hawkwind and sci-fi authors Brian Aldiss, Frederick Pohl and Robert Heinlein.

In 2007 Philip Tonkyn returned to live in Glastonbury with his wife Caroline. They produce prints and cards celebrating their love of Glastonbury, the ancient Avalon.

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