East Garden

This is the place to enjoy the scent of roses and appreciate the huge diversity of hardy perennials flowering from summer and well into the Autumn.

Here you can find the parterre which still has at its centre the original urn dating from the former parterre laid out in the mid-1800s; the ‘hot border’ is a riot of vibrant colours with some tender plants such as Bananas and Dahlias and which also includes Irish Yews planted in memory of the twelve ‘Apostle Yews’ which stood sentinel in the 19th century parterre.  The dahlia beds feature the wonderful Bishop Dahlias; and the St Andrew’s Cross border, newly created in 2015, is  maturing well with its criss-cross of low euonymus hedging forming enclosed spaces depicting the shape of the St Andrew’s cross, as seen in the window on the adjacent building.