Choosing the Ideal Wedding Dress

18th September October

​​​​​​Wedding dress shopping - there’s just so much to think about! So many styles, so many designers, and so much to consider in terms of choosing a dress in which you feel fabulous in every way.

Our Wedding and Venue Manager, Bethany Hulme-Teague, offers up her top tips for choosing a dress - and loving the process!

  1. Keep an open mind. It’s brilliant to go into wedding dress shopping with an idea of what you’re looking for, but don’t close yourself off to styles or designs. Keep an open mind and you never know what you might find!
  2. Trust, listen to, and take advice from the bridal stylists. After all it is their job and they do it every day. Avoid the sales-pitchy types of stylists, but the ones who really know what they’re talking about are worth listening to. A good bridal stylist genuinely wants to find a dress that suits you, your shape, and your personality, so listen to them! 
  3. Don’t take too many people with you. It can be so tempting to take every single one of your friends to wedding dress appointments but trust me when I say you will not enjoy it. Take one of two trusted people, who will be honest & constructive but also genuinely elated and want the best for you. 
  4. Research the shop/designers before visiting. A shop might have a brilliant reputation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the shop for you. Make sure you like the dresses & designers they stock before you visit, otherwise it’s a waste of your time and theirs.
  5. Enjoy it! This is the only time you’re ever going to get to go wedding dress shopping, so just enjoy the process. Take your time and don’t make any decisions without knowing they’re definitely the right ones to be making. Try to relax and not feel the pressure, because it can be a very daunting thing to do. Oh, and bubbles help!

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