The Dragon’s Lair

Legend has it that during the 13th century, Somerset was terrorised by a frightful dragon who liked to eat milkmaids and other unsuspecting villagers.  Bishop Jocelyn, who built The Bishop’s Palace, bravely ventured out to kill the dragon. After a mighty battle, as the dragon breathed its dying breath, it cast an eternal curse on the villagers: that if they ever forgot about it, the creature would return every 50 years….

Let your imagination run wild at The Bishop’s Palace! Cross the Drawbridge to receive the ancient story map and use your wits to lead you through the Palace Gardens to experience The Dragon’s Lair!

This interactive discovery area is designed around the themes and stories of the Palace. Taking inspiration from Dragon’s Wings, Well Pools & Water, Trees and History, this outdoor natural activity space will exercise both minds and bodies with a pole jungle, tree pods, a waterwheel and pump. The only question is: Dare you enter The Dragon’s Lair?

This project has been made possible with the generous help of Viridor Credits, the HLF Sharing Heritage grant and the Medlock Charitable Trust, for which The Palace Trust is extremely grateful.

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