South Garden

Today it is hard to imagine that in the 17th century this area was once laid out in the style of a formal Dutch style garden with parterres, topiary and a distinctive L-shaped canal; virtually nothing remains of this garden.

In contrast the picturesque and gardenesque style of garden, introduced from the second half of the 1820’s onwards by Bishop Law, is still here to experience. Under James Cross’ careful guidance and taking inspiration from old Victorian prints, the beds and borders around the Great Hall have been redeveloped to evoke the planting schemes of the time.

Characterised by wide open lawns, specimen trees (such as  Mulberry, Tulip and Indian Bean trees), flamboyant climbers, bold and luxuriant planting of shrubs and perennials and with the backdrop of the ruins of the Great Hall and surrounded by the ramparts, it is a perfect space to wander around and to pick your spot for a picnic with family, friends and children.

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