Donations & Appeals

Donations and Appeals

Saving the Great Hall
The “Great Hall, Great Future” Conservation Project

As regular visitors will know, we have been working on a large project since 2013, consisting of major conservation and stabilisation work for the Great Hall. This work has been undertaken in three separate phases. Expert pinning and conservation work that has inhibited deterioration and loss of original fabric has been carried out by Sally Strachey Historic Conservation Ltd under all three phases.

During phase III, which we began in 2017, the remaining portion of North wall, the West wall and the North West and South West turrets were conserved. This included two important windows and the fragile window tracery on the North and West walls. The stone mullion in the window in the North wall is now supported by a metal structure that will help to keep it in place for many years to come.  If you have visited recently you may be wondering why there is now a small green lawn growing at high level. This is called soft wall capping and is there to inhibit rain water from penetrating the wall.

High-level conservation work to the South West and North West turrets took place in March 2018 and was the final element of the works under this phase. This was achieved by workers suspended from ropes working from the Stable Yard area of the Palace (photo above).

The Palace Trust is delighted to report that phase III is now complete and as a result we have been able to take down the safety netting that engulfed the West end of the structure for the protection of visitors.

The Palace Trust would very much like to thank:

The Pilgrim Trust

The Sanderson Foundation

Garfield Weston Foundation

Country Houses Foundation

The Fairfield Charitable Trust

AllChurches Trust Limited

St Andrews Conservation Trust

The Alan Evans Memorial Trust

Th Church Commissioners

for their financial contribution towards this project, which has protected a significant and historic ruin for many years to come.

To learn more about this conservation project please contact our Chief Executive, Rosie Martin on 01749 988 111.

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