Donations and Appeals

Donations and Appeals

Saving the Great Hall

Major conservation and stabilisation work is needed on the Great Hall of the Palace. Built in the 1270s it is now a dramatic standing ruin and a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The exposed stonework has weathered significantly; in particular, the window tracery, a strong visual feature of the ruin, has decayed and has become very fragile and the rubble-stone of the walls is seriously eroded.

Expert pinning and conservation work is needed to inhibit further deterioration and loss of original fabric. We began this work in 2014 and it continued throughout 2015 and 2016. In 2017 we have been working on the first of the final two sections of the Great Hall.

The Great Hall is of architectural significance because it is a Grade 1 listed building, and scheduled ancient monument. The 14 acre site within which it sits is also registered as a Historic park and garden, ranking among the most important heritage sites in the region due to its collective archaeological, historic and landscape significance. To learn more about this conservation project please contact our Chief Executive, Rosie Martin on 01749 988 111.