Gardener’s Corner: September


Gardener’s Corner at The Bishop’s Palace and Gardens: September

James Cross, Head Gardener and Property Manager

A very dry August with only 1.23 inches of rain mostly mid -month. We have irrigated the borders and with all the compost mulching they have mostly kept their colour and good foliage. It is the driest summer since 1995 and the waterfall has just about kept flowing!

The countryside is looking exceptionally parched but the summer has shown us those plants which are very drought tolerant and those that will recover very quickly.

If you plant into well prepared soil the following plants are very drought tolerant. Persicaria polymorpha (creamy/white flowers large herbaceous perennial), Pittosporum sp. like ‘Tom Thumb’., Brachyglottis, Phormium sp., Arbutus sp., Hedychiums (ginger lillies), Hebe sp., Euphorbia sp., Melianthus major, Fatshedera and Yucca. Trees like sweet chestnuts, Gingko, London Plane, Quercus Ilex and many Cedars.

Hydrangea will quickly recover as will many of those plants that have suffered this summer. The countryside around Wells looks particularly parched because much of the soil is shallow and over limestone, many of the streams and springs have dried up but autumn rains will filter underground and they will hopefully flow again later in the year.

This month we will start hedge cutting and are hopeful of some decent rain


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