Gardener’s Corner: August

Gardener’s Corner: August

When I wrote the July E-News, I would never have expected such a turnaround in the weather. Weeks without rain and a record warm June are now a memory, and July looks set to be one of the wettest on record here in Somerset. As of the 28th of July, I have recorded nearly 7 inches of rain. A reminder that wet and cool summers used to be much more common. I will always prefer a wet summer over a hot, dry one because the gardens tend to thrive. The gardens are looking incredibly lush and healthy with abundant and diverse colour and interest. As the sunshine returns later in August, the roses will also put on another impressive display, adding to the explosion of late summer colour.

The gardens are full of interest, from structural and exotic displays around the tower (Loquat, ginger lilies, Chinese rice paper plant, and Yucca) to abundant bright colours in the hot border (Crocosmia, daylilies, Dahlias, Achillea, and Sedums, to name a few) and rich colours in the contemporary Jocelin border (Agapanthus ‘Northern Star’, Rosa ‘Darcey Bussell’, and Geraniums). The Wells border is more traditional and contains pastel shades, although the brighter Lythrum ‘Dropmore Purple’ (purple loosestrife) is an excellent foil. We have cut back hard all of the large Astrantia; they will shoot quickly and flower within a couple of weeks. Look out for the very impressive medium-sized trees at the back covered in white blossom; they are called Hoheria sexstylosa. In the outer gardens, the colour garden is full of bright, old-fashioned annuals planted to resemble the stained glass in the Cathedral, and there is also lots of colour in the prairie garden, from Crocosmia to Eryngiums, Heleniums, and Asters.

Our tasks this month are mostly weeding and trying to keep on top of them given all the rain in July! Rob will also be very busy mowing and trying to keep the lawns looking neat.

A visit this August will be more rewarding than ever because of the wet July; the lawns are lush, green, and verdant, and the borders overflowing with colour and interest.

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