Wake Up Wells Community Day – Storytelling and Workshop

24th July 2021

Keep the children entertained with a day of storytelling at the Palace! Choose from Robin Hood or The Magic Garden, or enjoy both. Details below:

10.30am & 3.30pm Tales of Robin Hood: story telling and workshop

Age recommendation: 5+

Included in general admission

Robin Hood was an outlaw who lived about eight hundred years ago, long before your Granny and Grandpa were born! With his friends, the merry men (and some merry girls too) he roamed the wild woods, stealing the king’s deer for his supper. But Robin was a bit different from most outlaws; he loved playing tricks on nasty people and he’d always help anyone who was cold or hungry.

Storyteller Beth Webb and singer Neil Eaton will tell you the Tales of Robin Hood. Afterwards, you can have a go at writing or illustrating your own Robin Hood stories.

11.30am & 1.30pm The Magic Garden: storytelling

Age recommendation: under 6

The teddy bears are going to have a picnic in the Magic Garden under the shade of a magic tree, home to cuddly woodland creatures and fairies. The children become tree guardians, but a knotted handkerchief reminds Mr. Forget-me-not to cut down the tree. Oh dear! Luckily Auntie Mimi has a plan, and with the help of the animals, together they prevent a disaster to an invisible fairy world which only they can see.

Can you think of anything better than a picnic in a magic garden? It sounds wonderful doesn’t it? This is an enchanting, multi-sensory show with puppets and music, which is sure to delight children of all ages. You will be amazed to see them spellbound, as the garden beautifully reveals its mystery.

Included in general admission.

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