The Tournament of the Knights

16th June 2024


The Tournament of the Knights – with the Warwick Warriors

  • 16th June 2024
  • 9.30am – 5.30pm

Come and join the Knights of the Warwick Warriors as they fight for glory in ’The Tournament of the Knights’! Choose your favourite knight and support them as they shoot, battle and fight throughout the day for the grand prize! Be prepared to be captivated and entertained for the whole day come wind rain or shine!

Here’s what will be happening throughout the day:

10am Head to the camp to meet our knights and squires as they prepare for the full days fighting ahead. 

11am Accepting the challenge and Archery: the time has come for you to pick your side and choose your favourite knight to shout and support throughout the day! Watch and listen as they call for your support before their squires take part in a competition of Archery.. lets hope their squires are able to impress their knights or there will be consequences! 

12pm Dressing of the knight: Ever wondered what it takes to get fully dressed into a full harness of armour? Join the knights in their camp and watch as Sir Joseph gets dressed head to toe, plate by plate. Learn the process and ask your questions in this fully interactive display. 

1pm Sword Fighting: With flashing of blades and smashing of shields watch as our knights challenge each other one on one to see who will be victorious  

2.30pm Battle of the Barriers and Crest Melee: The swords are down and the Poll hammers are out! Cheer on your favourite knight as they brutally fight to land a solid blow to the head of their opponent in the Battle of the Barriers. Though that’s not all, with two rounds in one it’s also time for the Crest Melee! Watch the agility of our knights as they fight to take the crest from the head of their opponent with this incredibly entertaining last man standing competition 

3.30pm The Grand Melee!: Who will be victorious? The Grand Melee will decide, all knights and their squires all head onto the battlefield at the same time to fight to the last man! Three rounds of brutal battling will see one knight deemed the champion of the tournament of the knights!


Admission:  This event is included with any standard admission ticket, including Membership.  Pay once and visit all year: All full price Bishop’s Palace Admission Tickets include access to the Bishop’s Palace and Gardens for 12 months (excluding some special events).

Note: Please allow enough time to purchase a ticket (if needed) prior to a specific activity taking place.


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