Garden Sculpture Exhibition

31st July - 1st November 2021

31st July – 1st November 2021

A new exhibition of garden sculpture is to open at The Bishop’s Palace in Wells. Curated by African Masters of Stone, the exhibition will feature a range of contemporary sculptures by Zimbabwean artists.

African Masters of Stone provides a platform for artists to present their work to a wider audience and the artists themselves are then able to continue a sustainable living and receive the artistic credit they deserve.  The organisation also donates 10% of its profits to charities fighting poverty, malaria and HIV in developing countries.

The artists are formally known as second and third generation sculptors of the Shona sculpture movement. They are either emerging talent or already hold international recognition, such as William Chewa

The movement of Shona Sculpture, originating in Zimbabwe, was said to have been introduced to the western world in the 1950’s. This artform is unique to the Shona people and has become popular in Australia, America and Europe. Here in the United Kingdom the Royal Family are reported to be collectors of Shona Sculpture.

Laura Richards, Visitor Experience Manager at the Palace says “We’re delighted to be hosting this exhibition of highly skilled, but under-recognised sculptors, which will have great appeal for our visitors along with the intrinsic artistic merit to complement our gardens”.

The exhibition will be made up of 10 sculptures which will be set amongst the stunning gardens of The Bishop’s Palace, with sculptures appearing in the formal gardens, in flower beds, by the well pools and in the outer gardens.

The exhibition is included in standard admission to the Palace & Gardens and all works will be available to purchase.

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