Choosing your Wedding Suppliers

29th October - 28th November

Choosing the ideal photographer, or wowing guests with the perfect cake… finding wedding suppliers can be great fun, but with so many options, it’s all about finding those industry professionals who are the right match for your wedding.

Our Wedding and Venue Manager, Bethany, offers up some of her top advice for selecting suppliers, so that you can be sure your wedding day will have that extra touch of magic.

  1. Find or create your wedding vibe/look. Are you having a beachy dream? Or a vintage romance? Whatever type of wedding you’re going for, you need to find suppliers that match. You might not know where to start, and that’s okay. Do a bit of research on wedding blogs or Pinterest and discover the type of wedding you’re drawn to and therefore want to have. Once you know that, you can pick suppliers who best compliment your ideal wedding.
  2. Take advice from other suppliers. Wedding professionals (suppliers) will almost always be familiar with other professionals in the area and will have probably worked with most of them before. If a supplier you trust/respect warns you off another supplier then there is probably a reason for that… And vice versa – if they highly recommend someone then it’s probably because they’re worth their stuff.
  3. Ask to see more of their work. This is especially important for photographers but goes for most suppliers. With photographers, you always want to see at least 2 full wedding galleries (i.e. hundreds of images from the start of the day right through to the end). The reason for this is so that you know that the photographer is consistent and – more importantly – consistently good. Most people can take a good photo every so often, but a really good photographer will have a gallery full of millions of amazing photographs that they are happy to share with you. And the same goes for other suppliers too, especially visual ones. A cake maker, for example, could have made one or two brilliant cakes that you’ve seen, but the rest could be terrible. And if a supplier is reluctant to show you more than a couple of images of their work then that answers its own question…
  4. Make sure they get you, and you get them. Having suppliers who understand what you want from them is essential. If you’re not vibing with them then they’re not the supplier for you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They could be a world-famous wedding supplier, but if you’re not feeling comfortable or confident with what they can offer then don’t be afraid to walk away.

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