Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

19th November - 20th December

Bridesmaid dress shopping can certainly be one of the more fun wedding preparation tasks, but there’s still lots to consider, especially as you’re sure to want each bridesmaid to be happy with the dresses you’ve chosen!

Our wedding and venue manager, Bethany, offers some advice on choosing the perfect outfits for your bridal party.

1. Before you go, figure out your criteria. Do you want long or short dresses? Have you got a very specific colour in mind? Are you happy to mix & match styles or colours? You want your bridesmaid to feel comfortable with what they’re wearing, but this is still your wedding day, so you must be happy too. If you figure out roughly what you want your girls to wear on the day then it gives them and the shops you go to a clear criteria to work from, and everybody wins!

2. Be flexible. Keeping the first point in mind, you do still have to leave room for flexibility. It’s no good dictating what you want everyone to wear when they could be incredibly uncomfortable or self-conscious. And equally, if you are so set on a certain style or design you’ll only be disappointed if you never find it! Being flexible makes the whole process easier for everyone and – after all – it is meant to be a happy occasion!

3. Consider mix & match options. Whether that means mixing & matching the colours, necklines, shapes, or general styles, sometimes letting your bridesmaid choose a dress they’re happy with individually is the best option for everyone. A lot of bridesmaid dress companies are now introducing collections specifically designed to mix & match dresses within said collection. Maids to Measure and Rewritten bridesmaids are brilliant examples of this.

4. Have fun! As with wedding dress shopping, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. How many times will you be dress shopping, prosecco in hand, with your best gals all together? Make the most of it whilst it lasts!

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