All Hallow’s Eve: an evening of unbelievable tales of saints, demons and monsters

Saturday 30th October 2021


All Hallows’ Eve 

An evening of saints, demons and monsters 

In olden days, All Saints Day celebrated every saint, known and unknown, but the night before was a time for tales of extraordinary battles between good and evil. Our evening of song and story, ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ will follow this tradition, retelling St Brendan’s fantastic voyage to search for extraordinary beasts and the Pearl of Promise, followed by curious yarns of a dog headed saint, how a wife’s cooking beat the devil and the uncanny ballad of the Lampton Wyrm.


Your other worldly guides will be storyteller Beth Webb and folk singer Dora Darling.

 Age recommendation 14+.

Saturday October 30th, 7.00 pm

Tickets: £15 includes drinks on arrival

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