The tradition of Swans on the Moat at The Bishop’s Palace goes back to 1870’s when one of Bishop Hervey’s daughters first taught the swans to ring a bell at the Gatehouse for food.  You can see the bell just beneath the window on the left of the Gatehouse, with a rope hanging down for the swans to pull.

The latest pair of swans on the moat, named Bryn and Wynn, have sadly left us. Bryn, the cob, passed away in April 2018, and Wynn, the pen, departed from the Moat, along with her four remaining cygnets, in October 2018.

It is thought that the family group may have headed off to the Somerset Levels, a popular site for groups of swans.

Wynn returned to the moat for a brief period in January 2019, before leaving again. It is possible that she may return once more with a new mate, and introduce new cygnets to the tradition of ringing the bell.