‘Breathe’: New Exhibition by Gail Mason

3rd March - 29th April 10:00am - 4:00pm

“Breathe” is a new exhibition by multi award-winning printmaker and artist Gail Mason.

 The exhibition is a collection of works which serve as a reminder to take time out from busy lives and to appreciate the wonder and space that the natural landscape provides.

 Through the paintings, Gail plays with the experience of a journey or place, real or imagined. Colour is key and she deploys it to set the emotional tone of a painting.

Gail says “These unique images do not seek to be physically accurate or describe a particular location, but are landscapes that I would like to walk through and explore. Outward expressions of inner mark-making, the footprints of past and future encounters.”
The works in the show are created mostly through the medium of silkscreen monotype, where the image is built up through layers of ink and formed directly on the screen without stencils or complicated technology. In this way they are more akin to paintings which require a decisive bold approach, punctuated with periods of reflection, editing and overprinting over time before the image is complete. Often entire areas are washed away and repainted through the screen, overlaying transparent colour and employing various tools to create marks which suggest form rather than dictate it.

About the artist: Gail Mason is Co-Chair of North Somerset Arts, an organisation committed to creating opportunities and development to North Somerset Artists, an Artist Network member of the RWA and an elected member of the Bath Society of Artists and Somerset Printmakers.

Entry included in general admission to the Palace and Gardens