Latest Swan News

26th April 2017: While it was safe to get close to the nest we have tried to remove as much vegetation as possible to keep the view from Swan Cam clear.    We will do our best to keep this clear but it is not always safe to venture by the nest!     Some people have notified us that they are having difficulties viewing swan cam all the time - we are looking into this and will do our best to resolve any issues with the camera.  

20th April 2017: The Swans are nesting. We have tried to count the eggs, but they are well covered in the nest and we do not want to disturb them too much.  At least 2 eggs have been spotted but Wynn and Bryn are on the nest most of the day so we have not been able to count any more.   One egg is visible next to Bryn in the photo (to the left of his beak!)    

7th March 2017: Exciting news from the Palace – the first swan egg of 2017 has appeared in the nest!  The first egg was spotted today by Moira who helps to feed and care for the swans.   Wynn and Bryn have been busy preparing their nest alongside the Palace Moat for the past few weeks and we have set up their world famous ‘Swan Cam’ in anticipation of some swan action.

Normally the female swan lays an egg once every 12-24 hours.  Once all the eggs have been laid, which can take 2-3 weeks, then Wynn will begin to incubate them by sitting on the nest. The incubation time is usually 5-6 weeks.

Last year, eagle-eyed viewers of Swan Cam were the first to spot the cygnets hatching from their eggs on 30th April – the first year that this event had taken place in April rather than May!

2nd March 2017: Wynn is busy building her nest and has taken to sitting on it for a few hours a day - watch this space and the SWAN CAM on our home page.

Anyone interested in watching the feathery antics can tune in to Swan Cam on the home page our website!


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