The Gardens in Spring

Come along to see what our 14 acres of stunning, RHS partner gardens have on offer in Spring.

Head Gardener James Cross has more details below about his work in the gardens this month:

The new Winter border is now complete! The weather finally turned against us after a very mild and productive winter but we did it through the wind and rain! Conifers like Pinus mugo ‘Winter Gold’, Picea pungens ‘Globosa’, Hamamelis, Chimonanthus, Mahonia, Cornus, Hellebores and Pulmonaria are included, to name a few. The border is designed to peak in February along with the many thousands of Snowdrops in the Arboretum. In the summer colour will come from the Hydrangeas and Fuschias.

We are currently forking over the borders in the inner garden and will move to the outer gardens by mid- month where we will apply compost to every border. We did not compost these borders last year and they will really benefit from it. A granular fertiliser will be added to every border and blood, fish and bone around the roses before the compost is applied.

It is a good time of year to finish any pruning, especially apple trees and roses. Cut lawns now and edge or re-edge if necessary.

In smaller gardens you can relieve lawn compaction by using a border fork and every couple of feet push it into the turf and lightly move backwards and forwards without breaking the turf, it is very beneficial, we do it after events or having marquees on the lawn. The same can be done to compacted flower beds, relieve the compaction then lightly fork over and apply a mulch.

March is a great month to enjoy our Magnolias and the Arboretum and moat banks which are full of Daffodils.

The Rare Plant Fair takes place on the 19th March and there will be many stalls selling thousands of exciting, unusual and high quality plants, so do come along on that day!

James Cross
Head Gardener


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