The Gardens in September

Come along to see what our 14 acres of stunning, RHS partner gardens have on offer in Summer.

Head Gardener James Cross has more details below about his work in the gardens this month:

Weeding, weeding and more weeding! I have never known such a weedy September; the perfect conditions of August have helped a bumper crop of wind-blown seeds from the hot, windy and very dry start of the year to germinate everywhere.

I’ve got a huge selection of weeds to blitz before they have time to seed. Our warmer and damper autumns seem to be producing weeds well into winter and keeping us even busier.
September is the best time to cut evergreen hedges, which we will begin doing shortly, along with cutting all the long grass areas in the Arboretum. In terms of meadow management, it is best if you can remove all the cut grass and then box cut the area as low as possible. If you then box cut the area until the grass stops growing, it reduces the nutrients in the soil and makes it more attractive to meadow/native grassland type plants like orchids, which have appeared in our Arboretum.
It is a good time to apply an autumn feed to your lawn and a lawn weed-killer if required. It is best if you can then scarify the grass (remove the dead grass) about two or three weeks after that but definitely before the first frosts.
It is also the best time to lift, split and replant herbaceous perrenials or indeed to plant a new border. The soil will remain warm enough for plants to develop new roots and establish into early November.
The gardens are still a riot of colour from the large Bishops Dahlia collection to the colour garden within our contemporary Quiet Garden. The roses are still very colourful and will look great right into October.

The Wells border is also very colourful with Asters, Lythrum, Sedum, Roses and Astrantias. It is a huge border which is full of pinks, purples, yellows and silver.
If you have any questions our gardening team are always happy to help.

James Cross
Head Gardener


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